Our Vision | LCF

We recognize the vision that God has given us for Life Christian Fellowship to be divinely inspired, Scripturally

ensampled, foundationally grounded, and progressively revealed.

 Having seen into the heavenlies, that portion of ministry reserved specifically for us, we will:

  • Impart Kingdom Truth, and
  • Champion Order, both Foundational and Generational, as we
  • operate in Biblical, Holy Spirit led purpose, purity, and passion.

God's Word teaches that life is comprised to some degree of identifiable parts, yet ultimately amounting to much more than the sum of those parts.  Therefore success in life must be understood as holistic. 


This "holistic" view simply means that real success encompasses all components and aspects of life.  While each part of life may be seen as separate and identifiable, each part is interdependent on, touching, intertwined with, and inseparable from each other part of life. We believe that "success" is holistic because life is.

Further, as life unfolds progressively, like any journey, any measure of success in life is dynamic—experienced “as you go”, rather than by “where you got.” 

Our vision, purpose and commitment as a local fellowship of believers is really quite simple.


e are 
 to be 
wildly successful 
in life.

Now... before you label us "Prosperity Preachers", take a moment to read our definition of success.  This definition is critically important, and you won't find anything about "money" anywhere in it!  You saw this definition first as you entered this website, and you'll see it at the top of this and every page.

Success is:

  • KNOWING God intimately, through Jesus Christ,[1] and by that relationship, progressively knowing and operating in our purpose[2].
  • GROWING in Christian maturity[3], and towards the maximum potential seeded into us by God, before the foundation of the world[4].


Kingdom seeds[5] that bring abundance[6] into the lives of those we meet, and into leaders who will carry this vision generationally.[7]

Further, our service to our King and His people requires the following two governing principles in everything that we would speak, teach or impart.

·        We are to show people the Truth and relevance of God’s Word[8] in their lives,[9] and how to use it to navigate today’s circumstances and situations.[10]

·         We are to give people what they 


, not what they 



As we become successful individually, we will become successful corporately.  As we become successful corporately, the Kingdom of God will advance, and we, as its subjects, will bear mature fruit that remains while apprehending the "full life" provided for us by our Lord and Savior.

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© Bob Kuehner 2017